Cutten Mowers is a new venture started in the fall of 2007 by longtime business partners Francisco Higareda and John Parker.

Francisco owns and operates HI-SA Automotive, an auto service center next to Cutten Mowers y Mas. HI-SA has been in business since the mid 80’s and has built a clientele of happy and satisfied customers, many of whom are second-generation. He is a master mechanic and was very particular in the selection of equipment Cutten Mowers y Mas provides, only allowing those with engines with a known reputation for reliability.

John has been in the landscape business for over 25 years. You will not come to him with a problem that he has not seen before. He understands the job requirements and difficulties you face day in and day out and has chosen a line of equipment to help you run a successful and profitable business.

Together, John and Francisco started and built Summit Landscape Services Inc. which grew to become a major provider of landscape installation, maintenance and irrigation in the Houston area.

In the process of planning Cutten Mowers, Francisco and John employed the services of
Enrique Rangel as General Manager. Enrique has a lifelong background in outdoor equipment retail as well as wholesale distribution and technical service. His over 15 year history in the business equips him with the knowledge necessary to answer questions and solve problems for our customers on a wide range of products, big-small, new and old. Enrique was involved in the planning and development of Cutten Mowers y Mas from the very beginning, ensuring the quality and service will be second to none.

Our goal is to build our business with a philosophy of respecting our customers, understanding their needs, and providing the quality product and service they deserve.